Low Doc Commercial Loans 75

offbldgs9sh2Low Doc Commercial Loans at 75%

Starting below 6.5%

Max $1m, larger loans available on lower LVRs

Sound commercial properties in major metropolitain areas

Clean credit, all accounts must show good conduct, ABN 2 years

No BAS, no accountants letter

True term loan up to 25 years. Maximum 3 years interest only

0.5% set up fee



$20 p/month

Early repayment 1.5% of loan amount for first four years, plus $225

100 points ID

Rates notice

Six months loan statements on allĀ currentĀ loans and home loans.

Six months business bank statements

80% Low Doc Commercial Loans

If you need above 75% then Low Doc Commercial Loans at 80% are still available.

Low Doc Commercial Loans

How much will my commercial loan cost?

A commercial loan calculator will help you. Most commercial loans have a term of 15 years however the commercial loan above has a term of 25 years.. To work out your commercial loan repayments please use this commercial loan calculator.